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Kenna Ledbetter


I am so glad you’re here.

I’m Kenna – Enneagram Teacher & Coach, Somatic Practitioner, Teacher, and Pastor.

I am dedicated to helping you bring to the surface the lie you believed as a child that wounded you by using the lens of the Enneagram. In doing so we will bring to consciousness the powerful truth that’s been inside you your whole life.

You deserve to see the beauty that your strengths and weaknesses reflect, and how the integration of these parts of you together reveals how incredible you are. The world needs all of who you are, and you have something incredible to offer.

With over 10 years of experience in pastoral ministry and with the help of the powerful lens of the Enneagram & Somatic Therapy, I have experience in supporting people through grief, teaching practical concepts for self-development, healing, and thriving! I hold a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Azusa Pacific Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University. A soon to be Certified Enneagram Teacher through The Narrative Enneagram, Student of Somatic Therapy at Somatic Experiencing International, as well as a student of Clinical Hypnotherapy through The Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy.

If you have the desire to see just how magnificent you really are, and come with a bit of bravery and curiosity, I want to walk with you through your journey of healing and thriving. Using the lens of the Enneagram along with Somatic Therapy, I can share with you where this journey will take us to: Celebrating who you are!

What is the Enneagram You Ask?

The Enneagram is the most powerful personality map that focuses on your core motivations and fears helping to describe why you do what you do. Ultimately the Enneagram reveals the deepest lies we believed as children that wounded us and lies that we have been protecting as truth since. The work to heal is not just one of comprehension; it must include a relational element because it is in relationships that we are first wounded, and it is in relationships that we heal. Most other personality tools focus on external behavior. The Enneagram goes much deeper by revealing what is behind those behaviors. It focuses on the internal driving forces that lead you to think, feel, and act in certain ways, revealing patterns that can be characterized into 9 distinct personality types. According to the Enneagram, there are 9 lenses, or ways of seeing the world around you and the first step in this journey is knowing your “type” or number. Once your Enneagram Type is known, you can begin to take a deep dive look at your number’s natural – subconscious – way of protecting you from perceived pain, and begin the healing work of relaxing your structure.

The Enneagram

“My approach is to incorporate cognitive teaching, experiential healing, and somatic resources for coping and healing the nervous system. From their experiences, folks gain tools that transform their life in the most powerful ways. They possess more room for compassion and awareness for themselves, and for others. The Enneagram is a lens and a tool that forever changes the lives of people.” – Kenna Ledbetter

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Somatic Sunday
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What is the Enneagram?

“The most successful people are people that are self-aware.”

Kenna Ledbetter